M-Files & FileFacets: Elegant and Precise Teamwork

Outstanding teams have one thing in common. They are able to achieve greater things as one than as individuals:  Precision. Beauty. Excellence. Each member knows their role, the team goal, and how to work seamlessly with their colleagues.
When I think of phenomenal teams, my first thoughts don’t lead to sports. Though sports team analogies are filled with relevant examples, the stakes pale in comparison to aerobatic teams: Snowbirds. Thunderbirds. Patrouille de France.
Unnamed pilots hurl their crafts through footless halls of air mere feet apart from their teammates to perform incredible aerobatic feats at blinding speeds. They practice countless hours to gain a complete understanding of each other’s role and how each member fits into the big picture. They learn to integrate each other’s strengths and work together to mitigate any weaknesses. They all know one wrong move can be fatal.
In a word, precision. And none of it could happen without exquisite teamwork.
M-Files offers a new evolution for businesses to store their vital company files. Gone are the days of burying important documents in forgotten file folders or being unable to collaborate with your teammates with the latest document version. Gone are the days of needing to remember where you put your files.
With M-Files, you know precisely how to get your information. Each file is coded with a standard set of meta tags, securely storing files by content rather than by location. To store a document—or find it—you only need to know what it contains. You never have to remember where a file was stored—or which version of it was the latest one.
Successful deployment of M-Files depends on two important factors:
#1  Accurate Application of Metadata to Your Existing Files
FileFacets integrates with M-Files to enhance the migration process by cleaning and organizing your files in the move. With FileFacets, you can eliminate redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT files) before you convert them to the M-Files vault.
FileFacets automates the clustering of content by document type and lets you add any number of robust meta tags at a click of a button. No more time or frustration spent on completing spreadsheets and passing them among your colleagues for input and approvals.
#2  Successful Adoption by Users
In addition to automating the application of metadata to your legacy files, FileFacets provides a sandbox environment where you can customize, test, and adjust metadata, so your team gets the structure that works for them. And, as we know, a team that engages in the development process is more likely to engage in using the final product, too.
Like an afterburner to an engine, FileFacets makes the conversion from shared drive to M-Files faster, easier and more precise.