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Spring Cleaning Your Shared Drives
11am EDT, May 10

Your shared drive might be nearing capacity or you’re having a hard time finding critical files. Maybe the cost of maintaining and storing so many digital documents is taking a chunk out of your bottom line. It pays to do some digital spring cleaning.

Whatever the reason, you’re considering cleaning the company’s shared drive and you don’t know where to start. Don’t put it off just because the task might seem overwhelming.

To successfully cleanup your shared drive you need to follow through on a number of steps, everything from planning your shared drive cleanup project, managing communications with content owners, and identifying a good pilot group. Without a plan, your shared drive won’t stay organized after the cleaning.

In this session, we take a look at some basic steps behind a successful shared drive project.

Welcome to the Real World – Investigating Use Cases and Examples of How FileFacets Can Change Your World
11am EDT, May 24

When it comes to the management, integrity, and security of organizational data, there truly is no rest for the wicked.

Proper information governance is essential whether you’re dealing with mergers and acquisitions, ensuring industry compliance, or simply looking to streamline internal process to boost efficiency.

In this session, you will learn from specific real world examples of what FileFacets is and how the tool can positively influence your bottom line, regardless of whatever data challenges you may be facing.

5 Proven Steps for a Successful ECM Migration
11am EDT, June 7

You understand the value of data to your business. You realize access to accurate information at the right time helps make the best decisions. Today’s ECM systems are built to organize data for file sharing and records management. However, evaluating thousands, if not millions, of files would send even the most dedicated IT department running for the hills. It could literally take years — time your business cannot afford to lose.

You’ve made the investment, so now is the time to leverage the power of ECM. The exponential proliferation of data can overwhelm anyone charged with making sense of it all. How do you begin to control the “data beast?” Where do you start?

In this session, we’ll take you through 5 steps you’ll need to take to put you on the right path towards a successful migration.

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