FileFacets Features

Hybrid-Cloud Architecture

FileFacets securely indexes content where it resides rather than moving it to the cloud for processing; thereby increasing data integrity and system performance.  Inside your firewall, FileFacets builds a full-text index of all content in cloud networksfile sharesMicrosoft ExchangeEnterprise Content Management systemsdesktops and laptops.  The FileFacets Portal controls scanning, dashboard reporting and data processing across the enterprise. 

Global Enterprise Searching

Use FileFacets to centralize searches and search results across a global network.  We build full text indices against ALL unstructured content including cloud systems, network infrastructure, individual workstations and laptops. We then distribute the queries across the infrastructure, running concurrent searches on every device.   Searching petabytes of data simultaneously is a true global enterprise search capability.

Document Type Modeling

The ability to identify Document Type for every file in a network is the Holy Grail for Information Governance.  Our Document Type AI does exactly that.  Document features are identified, hashed and encrypted before being beamed to our feature matrix in Microsoft Azure. The feature matrix is then used to build a Document Type Prediction Model specific to each customer.  The predictions are executed for each document against the model and Document Types are assigned.

Machine Learning

Since our feature matrix lives in the cloud, new customers gain value from the system as soon as they deploy.  They capitalize on the training conducted by past and current users.  While this is a fantastic start, it may not fully represent each organization’s data profile.  Using our machine learning module, customers can train FileFacets on sector and company specific Document Types to increase the accuracy of predictions and increase the reliability of the system.

Automated Data Processing

Regardless of the use-case you are deploying FileFacets to solve, automation is the key to your Return on Investment.  Every action you perform in FileFacets can be automated.  Scheduling can be used to perform automated actions during your organization’s downtime, reducing human interaction or interference. From data scanning and metadata attribution to classification and migration, we can remove human error and save you money. 



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