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FileFacets makes it easy.

what you have.

Locate unstructured content
from multiple sources.

what you need.

Eliminate ROT and secure
PII and sensitive data.

with confidence.

Automatically classify,
attribute and migrate files.


Keep your repositories
clean and compliant.

FileFacets Analytics

ROT Processing and PII Processing capture data on the source repositories allowing users to identify the necessary vs. the unnecessary data, and the sensitive data that may need to be handled differently.

Finding and processing those records is easy by creating rules to identify these files and process them accordingly. This could mean that they may not be migrated, may be to be moved to a separate destination, or simply flagged for deletion.


FileFacets Migration

FileFacets Migration allows you to ‘turn on’ the migration function at different times for different groups of files – depending on how fast or slow the capture, process and metadata attribution is for each office or department migrating content to a new ECM.

Once the migration to a new ECM is complete, the ROT Processing and PII Processing continually run in the background to identify and process these files into the appropriate repositories, or for flag them for deletion.


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