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Improve your clients’ information governance immediately

FileFacets uniquely deals with all enterprise data, not just recent files. Backfile conversions are often cost-prohibitive, and day forward implementations lack enough compelling content to facilitate immediate change in a non-BPA implementation.

Dispel fears that hinder clients from implementing and enterprise wide ECM

FileFacets automates the tedious task of incorporating meaningful content. With FileFacets, you can present a solution that addresses the ingestion of compelling content.

Tap into overlooked market opportunities

Use FileFacets to discover potential customers who can benefit from a product update or system migration.

Gain a competitive advantage

FileFacets is a proven and award-winning tool that continues to form partnerships with leading ECM vendors worldwide.

Create loyalty and solidify client relationships

Running FileFacets annually can insure proper governance associated with an active ECM implementation.

Why FileFacets?

With FileFacets you can be confident that you’re improving the overall quality, speed and delivery of implementations. Offering this superior level of service will allow you to take on more clients in a competitive market.

Join Our Reseller Program

Deliver ECM implementations more quickly and effectively using FileFacets. Increase the lifetime profitability of your customers while improving the value and quality of your services.

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