Mergers & Acquisitions

With any merger, acquisition or asset sale, the pressure is on to complete the transaction as quickly as possible. Why rely on time-consuming and inaccurate manual processes to discover the critical documents that are central to the process? Find every appropriate document across the enterprise in a fraction of the time using FileFacets. 

Post Merger Integration of data is equally critical. An organization must identify, prepare, and extract only the files that pertain to an asset without leaving IP at risk of exposure. Use FileFacets to carve out and transfer the right data.

  • Mitigate risk in Reps and Warrants by increasing accuracy of discovery 
  • Discover all documents across the enterprise, regardless of location or repository 
  • Reduce risk of deal collapse by shrinking discovery time 
  • Reduce risk of inappropriate data bring sent to buyer during PMI 
  • Close the transaction faster by automating PMI 
  • Increase value of the deal through better transparency 

By significantly reducing client hours used to find and organize documents, Transactions Advisory Firms can finish more transactions in less time, shortening the M&A life-cycle, and in turn, increase capacity for revenue and provide greater value to clients.

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