Mergers & Acquisitions

A Solution Designed Especially for M&A Transactions

Every merger, acquisition, or asset sale involves risk, and the success of the transaction can depend on managing the time and resources needed to navigate the process. From discovery and record retrieval to post merger integration, organizations have found success by investing in effective and efficient electronic data discovery and sharing.

Reduce risk of signing a reps and warrants guarantee that is false by ensuring all unstructured data had been analyzed

Reduce risk of deal collapse by shrinking the time of the due diligence process

Reduce the risk of transferring improper data to the buyer during post merger integration

Reduce the cost of internal discovery and file organization, while increasing the value of the sale. Corporations estimate the presence and use of a proven file analytics solution can add 1-3% to the value of the M&A

Automation Is the Answer

Rare is the business that has organized, categorized, and filed every document of its transactional history – just waiting for the opportunity to present them in a merger or acquisition scenario. Reality reveals hundreds, perhaps thousands, of documents in various file types across multiple locations and systems.

FileFacets uses a feature matrix employing big data algorithms to build predictive models that determine document types on a transactional basis. The solution can help differentiate among hundreds of file types: contracts, invoices, subpoenas, etc. And this is not a one-use solution. It can be applied to multiple transactions throughout a corporation’s life cycle.

Download the FileFacets M&A Whitepaper

No matter your organization or industry, successful file management offers a superior approach to streamlined discovery, increased efficiency, targeted effectiveness, elevated security, and reduced risk, at all times and especially during a merger or acquisition. Learn more about how FileFacets can provide short-term and long-term answers to corporate challenges.