DSAR-as-a Service

Automate DSARs with FileFacets

FileFacets’ file analytics platform makes it easy for any business to locate and process unstructured content from ALL sources across the enterprise to satisfy DSAR requests. Cloud repositories, file shares, e-mail, enterprise content management systems, ODBC-compliant databases and laptops are all supported by FileFacets.

FileFacets offers specific and direct response to GDPR rights for individuals


Complete data subject access requests in 10 minutes

Individual makes request
Request is created and submitted through iframe on your website that links directly to FileFacets
DPO is notified
DPO receives notification in real time through FileFacets
DPO assigns DSAR project
DPO creates new DSAR project & assigns to employee
DSAR is processed
Query is automatically run on subject based on the information they provided in the request
DPO reviews
Once the scan is done, the DPO reviews the information
DSAR completed
DSAR is actioned and the DPO notifies the individual that the request is complete.

Right to Access

FileFacets performs a byte-by-byte scan of all enterprise documents that lets businesses locate sensitive information, identify what is being processed, and export that information for reporting and compliance purposes

Right to be Forgotten

the software allows businesses to locate, process, and permanently delete files that contain the personal information of specified individuals and can be identified by document types, group, content, or exact data strings

Data Portability

FileFacets locates all files and records containing a subject’s information across all data systems in order to move or copy that data to a third-party location to ensure a secure transfer

Breach Reports

In the case of a data breach, FileFacets can find and report on the compromised data. And, because FileFacets makes this information immediately available, organizations avoid spending valuable time searching to find the breach, engaging accountants and lawyers to evaluate the damage, and scrambling to inform stakeholders and affected persons.

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