Discovery-as-a Service

Know your data and mitigate risk

FileFacets helps you better understand the risk that you and your organization are managing at a glance. You will have the information to manage risk and modify policies and procedures to reduce risk in the future. This allows you to ensure that you know where sensitive information is located in the event of a breach

Knowing your data is no longer an option. FileFacets’ automated discovery and Document Type ID is guaranteed to be more accurate and will save thousands in manual searches, data mapping exercises, and reporting costs.

Privacy Risk Assessment

In today’s highly sensitive business environment, every organization is holding some level of risk in their data Personal information in unsecured environments, highly sensitive corporate information leaving the building on laptops; these are not just potentially expensive breaches of the General Data Protection Regulation, but it could be a very embarrassing headline in the national newspaper that costs a loss in customer confidence and market capitalization

FileFacets can report on what documents you hold and where they reside. We assign a risk profile to each document type including whether it contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This information is presented in a management dashboard.

A Solution Designed Especially for M&A Transactions

Every merger, acquisition, or asset sale involves risk, and the success of the transaction can depend on managing the time and resources needed to navigate the process. From discovery and record retrieval to post merger integration, organizations have found success by investing in effective and efficient electronic data discovery and sharing.

FileFacets allows you to reduce risk during the following processes:

  • Signing a reps and warrants guarantee that is false by ensuring all unstructured data had been analyzed
  • Deal collapse by shrinking the time of the due diligence process
  • Transferring improper data to the buyer during post-merger integration
  • Lower the cost of internal discovery and file organization, while increasing the value of the sale. Corporations estimate the presence and use of a proven file analytics solution can add 1-3% to the value of the M&A

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Automate FOIP requests with FileFacets

FileFacets’ file analytics platform makes it easy for any business to locate and process unstructured content from ALL sources across the enterprise to satisfy FOIP requests. Cloud repositories, file shares, e-mail, enterprise content management systems, ODBC-compliant databases and laptops are all supported by FileFacets.

FileFacets offers specific and direct response to FOIP rights for individuals

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention solutions are critical in today’s business environment. Data leaks, theft or breaches of trade secrets and personal information erode, and in some cases destroy, competitive advantage, customer trust and goodwill. Regulations like Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and USA’s HIPAA carry powerful obligations, and in the case of GDPR, fines that could put a company out of business.

Data Loss Protection tools require your data be classified to a security classification. This means ALL data, not just some. The time and resources required to classify the enterprise’s holdings can be unmanageable and a day forward approach would leave files non-compliant to the regulations.

Automate the classification of ALL files using FileFacets’ Enterprise ID. Using Next-Gen Machine Learning technology and AI, FileFacets will identify the document type of every unstructured file in your enterprise. Each document type is profiled in FileFacets with a risk profile and security classification, so you will never again need to worry that high-risk, sensitive data is not controlled and secured.