Defensible Disposition

Identify Document Type, apply a retention code, and process defensible disposition on content across the enterprise regardless of location, repository, or format. That is the holy grail of Records Management and Information Governance. It is also at the heart of FileFacets’ Enterprise ID value proposition.

FileFacets’ powerful Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence engine is designed to automate the tagging of every object with Document Type. By assigning a Record Series Identifier to each Document Type, defensible disposition becomes an automated process that can be run on a regular basis.

  • Be compliant¬† with IG and RM policies whether an ECM is deployed or not.
  • Reduce storage requirements by automating the removal of redundant, obsolete, and trivial files.
  • Select files for destruction process either during a migration, or at any time you choose.
  • Reduce legal exposure of storing data that could be disposed of.

Using FileFacets’ Enterprise ID to automate defensible disposition processing allows you to be fully compliant and reduce your legal exposure. Save money by maximizing your existing infrastructure, and reducing your storage costs.

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