Data Subject Access Requests

Automate DSARs with FileFacets

FileFacets’ file analytics platform makes it easy for any business to locate and process unstructured content from ALL sources across the enterprise to satisfy DSAR requests. Cloud repositories, file shares, e-mail, enterprise content management systems, ODBC-compliant databases and laptops are all supported by FileFacets.  

Manage DSAR ingestion from website

  • Create iframe to link FileFacets directly to your website for Data Subject Access Requests
  • Add and remove fields as needed
  • Preview form before placing it on your website
  • Customize email notifications

DPO and Subject Notifications

  • Receive automated notifications of DSARs in real time
  • Receive automated notifications of the status for a DSAR
  • View request types
  • View days remaining to complete request
  • Download report for individual requests

DSAR tracking and Auditing

  • See when the request was received
  • See who received the request
  • See who managed the request
  • See when the request was actioned
  • See what the result of the action was
  • See when the DSAR was completed

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