Data Discovery

Discover, analyze, and action data

from multiple sources across the enterprise

Big data in enterprise today brings with it many challenges as businesses create more and more content, and store and share data across multiple systems.

According to recent studies,

  • 52% of all information stored is considered dark data – meaning no one really knows what it holds
  • Only 42% of electronically stored information is actually useful to a business
  • And workers spend about 30% of their workday searching for information across the enterprise.

What are the risks?

Data residence across multiple sources comes with inherent risks as it becomes increasingly difficult to manage and protect data across the enterprise.

Information Governance &
Regulatory Compliance Risk:

Not knowing what and where data is sitting across the enterprise can conflict with internal or external records management policies. By not conforming to best practices for data management, regulated industries face the risk of audits and hefty fines

Data Protection &
Privacy Compliance Risk:

Housing unstructured data across multiple sources makes it difficult for businesses to know what sensitive information they are in possession of. With international data protection laws expanding, like GDPR, and their associated penalties increasing, how can enterprises be sure they are protecting their sensitive information if they don’t know where it is and what it is?

FileFacets makes it easy for businesses to locate, process, and move unstructured content from:

File Sharing Environments

File Sharing Environments


FileFacets searches and aggregates content from unstructured network-based and cloud-based file sharing repositories.

Enterprise Content Management Systems

Enterprise Content Management Systems


FileFacets partners with leading ECM technology platforms, allowing users to search for and aggregate content from multiple systems.

Microsoft Exchange Servers

Microsoft Exchange Servers


FileFacets allows users to discover and action what sensitive information is being stored in Exchange.

Individual  Desktops

Individual  Desktops


FileFacets searches enterprise desktops and allows users to partition what is personal content vs. what is corporate content.

FileFacets searches and aggregates content across multiple repositories, allowing business users to understand, manage, and protect content.

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