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3 IG Projects to Budget for in 2017

It’s that time of the year again: budget season. A time for CEOs, executives, and department heads to decide which projects to focus on for the next year. If you’re a CIO, this can be a daunting task. There’s never a shortage of projects – and they all seem important and timely. From server replacements and upgrades to cloud computing and data security enhancements, there are just too many.

So, the million dollar question remains, which projects should a CIO focus on in 2017? The short answer is: the ones that will provide the most value.

Whether you’re running a Big Data project or simply moving towards better efficiency, information value can be increased. If your information is disorganized, value can’t be extracted. This is why it is so incredibly important to classify information properly.

#1 Create a Metadata Plan

If you are managing content of any sort, it is important to have a metadata plan. A plan helps businesses manage and successfully harness company knowledge.

Whether it is digital assets, data, or even text, having the right metadata schema can help you support process, technology, and even company goodwill. If you don’t have a metadata plan or need to update your plan, metadata enrichment will help strengthen organization and classification between company departments – increasing the value of that information while also improving identification criteria for risk reduction techniques.

Metadata can also be customized to benefit specific security classifications and permissions based on file paths and location. FileFacets software allows users to develop relationships between metadata elements and file groups – also known as relational metadata – streamlining the attribution process. Auto-attribution also optimizes project timelines, as metadata inheritance and relational metadata can be conducted simultaneously.

#2 Reclassify Folder Structures

Most organizations employ systems with folder structures that have changed over time and do not suit the current needs of the business. Locating files within an inconsistent maze of folders is next to impossible once a user gets outside of their familiar core folders. The resulting delays and confusion limit business productivity, compromise the ability to respond to information requests, and slow the effective onboarding of new staff.

A reclassification project is a great way to hit the reset button on your current file storage environment – increasing the value of the information contained within that environment. Through a reclassification project, you’re able to establish a folder system that is simpler, cleaner, and more aligned with the current business needs – making information more accessible and its usage more efficient.

#3 Migrate Valuable Legacy Content

Migrations are the perfect time to increase the value of information. Oftentimes, however, companies leave legacy content on an old application, even though that application has been replaced with a new one. This misstep happens because the migration process seems too cumbersome and extremely costly.

It doesn’t have to be. Software, like FileFacets, is available to fill that void. Stop leaving valuable content on old outdated software.

Is your business ready for 2017? At FileFacets, we would like to help you develop a metadata plan that gets your files under control. 

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