Regular Expressions (RegEx) and ECM

Regular Expressions (RegEx) and ECM Language is a curious thing. Letters and symbols combine and form words to capture ideas. These ideas are strung together in sentences and paragraphs to increase knowledge, share feelings, and inspire others with new and fascinating ways of thinking. Every language has a rhythm and understanding developed through syntax, structure, … Read more

Bridge Building: Harnessing the Power of Great Partnerships with Laserfiche

We live in a connected world where we are meant to succeed through partnerships: the Wright Brothers introduced us to fixed-wing flight and opened the world to air travel; Lennon and McCartney were the creative force behind the Beatles—one of the most influential music bands in history; Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed search algorithms … Read more

Duplicates: Files vs Records & Why You Need to Know the Difference

Within each database, and eventually, each enterprise content management (ECM) system, businesses must manage the limits of storage. Relational databases are filled with countless records and files; unfortunately, many of those are duplicated, which take up much-needed storage space within your ECM environment. First, a quick rundown of terminology: File Management: Daily activities involving your … Read more